Junglist Dictionary


Edition one 3/2/01



Rinse Out - Comes from Jamaican slang.. To rinse out a gun, is to hold the trigger and let the bullets fly.. hence the "rinse out" of beats in jungle/drum and bass.. where a snare is repeated very fast.


Watch the Ride- Watch how the needle is riding on the decks.. Listen to the tunes.. careful with the needle. Careful, mind how your going somewhere.


Flex- to do something.. flex your muscles in any form ie "dep pon a flex' (going on a mission, on the job) Also refereed to how or the way someone does things.. Ie watch how you flex, watch how you move.


Rewind - When the crowd gets hyper and noisy a DJ can Rewind the song so that the people can hear it one more time.


Massive - All of the people in a dance or club.. or the whole culture in general.


Pull up- To physically lift the needle off the record when the crowd is getting hyper.


Brock Out - To bust out, flex out, rock out, really move your body to the beat. Also Shock out. It has nothing to do with the dj "brockie". Although he has been know to brock out!


Bo! - Simulated gunshot.. when a tune is big, say this loud if you want a rewind. In jamaica people used to fire blanks all the time when a tune was big.


Booyaka! - an expression, like a gunshot.. say it loud when you want the rewind.


Boomshot - see booyaka, bo


MC - Mic Chatter, Master of Ceremony.. comes from Hip Hop.. in Jamaica they call the MCs' DJ's and the DJ's Selectors.


Selector - A DJ, the person who is mixing records,


Dub or Dubplate (Test Pressing) - Its a one - off acetate pressing, these are produced and traded. Part of what keeps the elite djs elite. they have been used in Reggae to get MCs to Rhyme a custom rhyme for a sound system or crew/DJ. In a soundclash the dubs are your most important asset. In Jungle Drum and Bass they are used to play exclusive unreleased or recently produced tune. It is a pressing of acetate that looks like vinyl, usually 10 inches.


Deal wid the matter, doin in it proper - Dealing with the business at hand and doing it right. Made famous by the MC Skibadee. His trademark slogan.


Proper - A Uk term. The real deal. ie .. you can be fucked (screwed) or proper fucked (actually fucked) .


Who pon the mic - Whos on the Microphone.


The ride - The act of the needle playing music.. the session.


As we enter - As we enter into the music session.


Massive and Crew - The fans and the Crew (Djs etc)


Boombastic - Something thats extra large.


Junglists - Originally derived from jamaican slang. Jungle is a region of West Kingston, Similar to Rema, Dunkirk, Waterhouse. It is notorious for gangsters, politics, guns and outlaws. It is an impoverished area as well. A "Junglist" is a person from Jungle. It was adapted from reggae samples an applied to a fan of Jungle drum and bass. We know call ourselves junglists and junglist soldiers.


Junglette - an american female adaptation of a junglist.


Hear dis- Listen to this.


Big tings a gwaan - Big things are going on.


Trust me - believe me.


Don - From mafia language, The don was the man in charge of things, and running things with style and finesse.. the man running things... often times DJ Grooverider has been called "The Don".


Run things - Take charge and control.


Rudeboy - From jamaican slang..adopted in the ska era. basically a music loving rebel, know in jamaica for their stylish garb and switchblades.


Maximum boost - Maximum shout out props


Nuff respect - Enough respect, lots of respect


Whole heap (ol eep) - Lots of ..ie Skibbadee (whole heap whole heap of cellular , whole heap whole heap of laughter like who who ha ha)


Watch dis - Listen to this


Oh gosh Danger - Usually stated when theres an enourmous breakdown or bass sound coming in. Indicating massive ear trauma or speaker damage.. (not really)


Bizness - The business.


Runninz - The way the business runs.. in general.. the way things run.. or your daily business..

"How are the runnins mate?"


Criss - Something new or good.


Wicked - see dark


Dark - Usually used in the positive sense


Chune- A way of saying tune, a song. "Listen dem chune" Listen to that or those songs.


Bust out - Break out. ie "Bad Company just bust out on the scene" or listen to Grooverider Bust out that new tune..


Babylon - Normally refered to people who opress others e.g. the police. Can also mean anything that is the source of Evil or Bad Vibes. Has biblical history as an ancient city.


Bad Bwoy - An aggressive or violent person. Can also be used in a positive sense, ie "Andy C is a Bad Bwoy Selector.


Big up - A shout out. Way to greet friends, pay tribute to something or someone big or important. Its like wishing someone the best success. "Big up your status, or Big up your chest"


Bogle - A dance originated by Jamaican Gerald Levy in 1991, popularized in song by artists such as Buju Banton. Other famous dances are the "Butterfly", "Bruk Wine", "World Dance".


(Bumbo) Claat - means cloth but usually preceded by other words like Blood, Raas or Pussy to form curse words. Careful how you use these words, can be very offensive.


X-Amount - An uncertian or large amount as in "x-amount of bass" .